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During times of illness, many patients are comforted by a visit from their priest, rabbi, minister, or a hospital chaplain. Easton Hospital has a full-time pastoral care department, and chaplains are available 24 hours a day.

Our mission is to help you deal with the emotional and spiritual stress that often accompanies illness or decisions about medical care. Upon admission, you will be asked whether or not you choose to identify with a particular religion or local congregation. We do this in order to provide pastoral ministry to people of various faiths. If you belong to a local faith community, we will notify your congregation upon your request.

Clergy of many faiths visit Easton Hospital daily. If you wish to receive a visit or a sacrament or you would like to talk with a hospital chaplain, please tell your nurse or call pastoral care at 610-250-4027.

An interfaith chapel, located on the first floor just of the balcony overlooking the main lobby, is open for your family’s use 24 hours a day. A Christian Bible is available in each patient room on the adult units and at the nurses’ station in the intensive care units. Jewish prayer books and Sabbath candles are also available by calling pastoral care at 610-250-4027.

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