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After you or your physician schedule services at the hospital, you will receive a telephone call to obtain any demographic and insurance information. We will also notify you of any financial responsibility your insurance tells us is needed.

You may also be asked to come to the hospital for diagnostic tests before your scheduled procedure/admission. If your physician wants these tests, a pre-operative nurse will be contacting you for an appointment. She will further instruct you on what to do next.

Your admission date and time will be confirmed by the hospital one business day prior to your receiving care. Pre-registration will expedite the paperwork process once you arrive at Easton Hospital. For your protection, we require a picture ID and a copy of your insurance card upon each visit. Please do not come to the hospital until you are notified. You may call 610-250-4054 if further questions arise.

If you have a question about your scheduled procedure, please call 610-250-4040, Monday through Friday, before 5 p.m.


On the day of your admission, please come to central registration, directly across from the hospital’s sheltered parking deck. When you enter the central registration lobby of the Ambulatory Care Building, please report directly to the reception desk or registrar.

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