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Renal Dialysis Center

The Renal Dialysis Center at Easton Hospital provides complete care and support for patients with end stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. We also offer continuous renal replacement therapy for critically ill patients with kidney failure.

For more information please call, 610-250-4739.

What is Dialysis?

There are 165,000 Americans with chronic renal (kidney) disease. Although it is a challenge, people who have this illness can, and do, lead productive and satisfying lives with their family, friends, and jobs.

Dialysis is a treatment for acute or chronic renal failure. The word dialysis actually means blood cleansing. There are two ways of cleansing the blood:

  1. The process which passes a patient's blood through a semipermeable membrane so that waste products or toxins can be filtered out is called hemodialysis. One line pumps blood from the body through the artificial kidney to be filtered and is pumped back into the body through a second connecting site. This procedure is done at the hospital.

  2. Another way to remove waste products or toxins is called peritoneal dialysis. This is a process using the person's abdominal innerlining as a membrane to filter and remove the toxins from the body. After being well-trained, this procedure is done by the patient in his or her own home.

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