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Wound Healing Center

If you have a wound that has not healed, consider seeking help from the Wound Healing Center at Easton Hospital. The methods employed by the center have established an impressive record of healing wounds that others thought hopeless, including many that may have required amputation.

Carefully researched methods allow patients to receive today's modern treatment of wounds that have resisted healing despite months, or even years, of conventional treatment.

A Report Card You Can Feel Good About

90%* of the patients who come to the Wound Healing Center of Easton Hospital with chronic wounds heal within 16 weeks of starting treatment. A recent patient satisfaction survey showed that 90% of patients surveyed would recommend the Wound Healing Center to a friend or relative.

*Healing rates are based on 16-week treatment programs and patients seen between January and June 2011. The most frequently published average healing rate is 90% of wounds healed within 16 weeks.

Your Team of Specialists

The team of specialists includes knowledgeable specialists in surgery, surgical podiatry, infectious diseases, vascular diseases and internal medicine. Our physicians and nurses are specially trained in advanced wound healing techniques including: debridement, skin substantively and hyperbaric oxygen.

Our staff is a professional team of multispecialty physicians and nurses whose combined knowledge creates a multidisciplinary approach to wound management. We are dedicated to caring for people with wounds that have resisted traditional means of healing.

Working Together

Making the choice is the first important step in your treatment. Since the center focuses on wound care, we will continue to consult your regular physician for additional medical care and will keep him abreast of the progress you are making. Together, with you and your doctor, we offer hope for wounds that are difficult to heal.

Your First Visit

On your first visit, the wound healing team will evaluate your wound and review your medical history and general health. Depending on the origin of your wound, you may need to have special tests to provide us with important information about the flow of blood, tissue oxygenation and whether or not infection is complicating the healing process.  All of the tests can be done right here at Easton Hospital.

Your Treatment Program

Once your test results are in, our wound healing team, in concert with your primary care physician, will develop a treatment program based on your special needs. Your program will involve regular visits to the center in order to provide treatment, follow your progress or make necessary changes in your treatment program. You will also be instructed on in home wound care, dressing changes and ways to protect yourself from further skin breakdown.

For some patients who require additional special treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is available. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses 100% oxygen at higher than normal pressures to enhance healing in problem wounds.

You are the Key in Your Treatment Program

Much of the success of your wound treatment depends on your level of commitment and participation. As an active member of your wound management team, you will need to follow directions carefully, watch your progress closely and keep your appointments. Remember, your wound healing staff is available to answer any questions concerning your treatment program.

Request more information about the Wound Healing Center at Easton Hospital through the Contact Us section of our web site.
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