Mission and Goals of the Residency

Mission Statement: The Easton Hospital Internal Medicine Residency provides a structured program that includes an educational environment, teaching faculty and clinical facilities to enable physicians to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to begin their careers as practicing general internists or to progress to fellowship training in a subspecialty of Internal Medicine.

The primary goal of the Easton Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program is to train fully competent, broadly skilled general internists. Our curriculum provides each resident with a learning environment. Our workday is structured to balance patient care responsibilities with adequate time for study and a healthy lifestyle. We seek to educate in the model of lifelong learning, recognizing the ever-expanding knowledge and ever-growing scope of diagnostics and therapeutics requires individual self-renewal.

We offer you the well-rounded professional experience you will need to practice in a managed care environment including:

  • uniquely strong balance of primary care and tertiary services;
  • patient diversity in a wide variety of clinical settings;
  • broad patient care responsibility;
  • and extensive exposure to a broad range of cases.