How To Pass a Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test In 2022: Tips, Tricks And Methods

Do you want to know how to pass a urine drug test? Don’t worry – you have come to the right place. You might use drugs for recreational or medicinal reasons and you might have to pass the drug test to save your job. Here, at Easton Hospital, we are going to walk you through how to pass a urine drug test in 2022 with flying colors.

When you smoke weed heavily or occasionally, there are ways to pass your drug test. You will come across many detox plans and you can use them to cleanse your body of THC. Just identify the detox method, which works best for you.

So, let’s find out how to pass a piss test.

What Is a Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug is used for detecting illegal and a few prescription drugs in urine. Many states give some protections for prospective and current employees when they test positive for drugs. However, in 2022 there are states where cannabis or weed is not yet legal. Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that cannabis legalization might come down hard on consumers.

So, companies might ask their employees to go for a urine drug test. It helps in preventing absenteeism, preventing mishaps at workplaces, and increasing productivity. Moreover, some companies can hold drug tests as the key parameter for making hiring decisions, especially for high-risk job roles.

The urine drug test is one of the best ways to test for THC in the body. In this process, you have to pee in a tube and offer a urine sample that is to be tested.

A urine test is also known as a urinalysis. The urinalysis will test for a range of substances using a urine sample. With urine screening, the detection window might be a little shorter than with hair testing. For instance, amphetamines can be detected for up to 3 days in urine. However, in the case of hair, it can be traced back up to 90 days.

What Can a Urine Drug Test Detect?

A urine lab test, also called a 5-panel or 10-panel drug test, can detect traces of drugs in urine. Some of the common substances that urine test targets are given below:

  • Steroids
  • Opioids
  • Marijuana
  • Steroids
  • Phencyclidine
  • Barbiturates
  • Cocaine

In case you have any of these drugs in your system, you might expect to see a positive result. Even though drug screenings are not always accurate, many employers depend on them for routine drug checks. But some other companies, like Amazon, prefer mouth swab drug tests.

Why and When Do Employers Use Pee Drug Tests?

A drug test by employers is used to determine if a prospective or current employee uses illicit abuse or uses an illicit substance or prescription medication. At times, it is also used for employees who are returning to work after an absence from the office or injury. This is called a pre-placement drug test. They happen quite often, so you’d better know, how to pass a urine drug test.

Sometimes workplace safety is of top importance to a company, then conducting pre-employment drug tests might help in eliminating risks related to drug misuse. Apart from employment drug testing, employers can use drug tests in other situations, such as;

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Employers should use drug tests after an injury, accident, or fatality to decide if the drug has a hand in the incident.

Random Drug Testing

Employers choose an employee randomly for all employees without an announcement.

Annual Physical Tests

A few employers perform alcohol and drug testing as a part of a yearly physical exam. Employers should ensure they inform employees of drug testing at the time of a physical exam.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Employers should have a reason to believe that any employee is intoxicated. A few signs of intoxication are lack of coordination, being unfit for work duties, slurred speech, and showing unsafe behavior.

Post-Rehabilitation Drug Testing

Employers need drug testing for employees who are returning to work after alcohol or drug rehabilitation.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Urine?

The drug is a general term used for describing different foreign substances, which can be taken for inducing some kind of effect. Drugs might be prescription or illicit. Even household products, such as gasoline or cleaning supplies might be considered drugs when it used and abused for psychoactive effects.

A variety of drugs are used by individuals. Each drug is going to last in the body for a lesser amount of time after it has been consumed. The variation doesn’t end here. Also, the time taken by the body for eliminating from the system is based on various factors beyond just certain drug types, including;

  • Age
  • The dose
  • Presence of other drugs in your body
  • Sex
  • Ethnicity
  • Weight
  • Incidents of medical conditions that can affect drug elimination, such as kidney problems

Due to these factors, two individuals using the same substance can have different experiences. So there is no definite answer for the question – how long does weed stay in your system? The above factors can influence the way someone’s body is metabolizing and eliminating the drug. Thus, people of similar sex, weight, and ethnicity are more likely to metabolize marijuana in the same manner. Once a drug is consumed, your body will start to metabolize it by breaking apart the molecule or a chemically changing substance for facilitating the process of ultimately eliminating it from the body.

Urine testing is one of the common drug testing methods. Even though the detection windows might vary, weed can be detected in urine for the following amount of time after its last usage;

  • Single Usage: 3 days
  • Moderate Usage: 5-7 days
  • Chronic Usage: 10-15 days
  • Chronic Heavy Usage: Over 30 days

Cannabis metabolites are fat-soluble and which means that they bind to fat molecules in the body. Thus, it will take some time to leave the system, especially when you have fat molecules in the body. Now, let’s answer a common question – how to pass a urine drug test?

How Does a Urine Drug Test Work?

Before you try to find out how to pass UA, or urine drug test for weed, you need to know how urine drug tests work. It is the process that detects THC in the body.

The thought of a urine drug test might not be clear to you. So, take a look at the process you need to follow for urinalysis.

  • You are to offer at least 3 ounces of urine in the tube that is labeled for your urine test. It has to be done either under supervision or in a private bathroom. This means you have to pee a little in the toilet and drop some urine in a cup. It is better not to flush the toilet as it can raise suspicion in the bathroom.
  • Make sure that the urine temperature is 100 Fahrenheit. It’s proof that your urine is authentic and fresh. This helps the lab find out the creatinine, pH, and other elements in the urine.
  • After the urine has been collected in the tube. It is analyzed using antibodies. At the time of the analysis, the lab scientist who conducts the test is going to check if there is an interaction between the urine sample and the antibodies. If there are, it means you have weed particles in the system and the test result can be positive.
  • Following this, you can ensure that the positive is correct by mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test for Weed or Other Drugs in 2022?

You might be wondering how to pass a drug test in 24 hours with home remedies or other methods if you think drug detection tests can impact your job. If you are scheduled for a drug test and want to pass a drug screen, you first have to share your urine.

Detox Drinks

The best way to pass urine drug test is to use a detox drink for marijuana. It follows a similar technique as water since its objective is to urinate so that the Tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites will go below 50 mg per ml, without eliminating it from the body. Rather than deceiving the laboratory by artificially adding proteins and vitamins to the urine sample. It is one of the best ways to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally.

Detox Kits

Detox kits are 5-10 day programs including detox medication, dietary fibers, and beverages. These can remove Tetrahydrocannabinol from the body in a reliable way. A good kit will ensure that THC isn’t present in the urine sample while keeping other indicators intact. If you are a heavy cannabis user, it will take you a few weeks when it comes too spontaneously. The detox kit can clean up marijuana faster and this means you can be clean in a week.

Home Remedies

Lemon juice is a general detox drink. It is recommended for removing toxins and detoxing. Limes and lemons are high in antioxidants and an incredible source of minerals, soluble fibers, and vitamins. It is one of the best home remedies to pass a urine drug test.

Lemons have vitamin C and have the potential to flush THC metabolites from the system in smaller amounts. So, you should mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with 500ml of water and sip it over many hours. Drink the mixture 7-8 times in the days leading up to the test.

But keep it, easy since the acidic essence of lemon juice doesn’t ease on the digestive system.

Cranberry Juice

Another method to pass a drug test is to consume cranberry juices. It is one of the most recommended choices when it comes to THC detox. But make sure that you do not have any allergy to cranberry until you consume the juice in a moderate amount over time. 24 hours after the cleansing day, schedule the drug test, and go out to get 2 liters of cranberry juice. Be careful of the ingredients as they can contain fructose and loads of sugar and these can damage your liver.

Try to split the juice into two glasses every few hours throughout the day leading up to the drug test and it can flush THC metabolites from the system.

How to Prepare for a Urine Drug Test?

Before you take a marijuana drug test, you need to prepare for it. Before the test, ensure that you are drinking enough water so that you can give a proper urine sample. But, drinking too much water might lead to inaccurate results.

One or two additional glasses of fluid might include milk or juice if your diet allows, is what you are going to need on the test day. You do not have to change your diet or fast for the test.

Make sure that you inform the lab testers about the supplements or medications you are taking. A few of these might have an impact on urinalysis, including;

  • Nitrofurantoin
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin C Supplements
  • Metronidazole
  • Methocarbamol
  • Anthraquinone Laxatives

A few other drugs might have an impact on the test results. Make sure that you tell your doctor about the substances you use before going in for a urinalysis.

There are a few things that you can do to prepare for the drug test;

  1.  Drink about 10-12 glasses of water every day and make sure that your urine is not too diluted on the day of the test.
  2. Exercise hard enough for sweating every day leading up to the test.  As it can burn fat where THC is stored.
  3. Make sure that you reduce your cannabis usage frequency a week or two before the test.

Toxin Rid Review

Toxin Rid is a detox kit made of herbs, minerals, and vitamins, which are designed to cleanse the body of toxins. It doesn’t have any synthetic compounds. Also, the kit doesn’t have animal products or fillers. Toxin Rid usage period varies. It depends on the body type and toxin exposure. In case you are a strong cannabis user with THC in your bloodstream, you might have to take it for a longer period, such as a 7–10-day kit. Each package has one bottle of detox drinks, one bottle of ProRid oils, and a bottle of detox fiber.

Toxin Rid detox formula is available in the form of pills for dispelling drug metabolites from the system. You can add dietary fiber and detox fluid for a 5 or 10-day detox program. However, these are optional, but if you have to increase the chances of beating the drug, you might want to get added products.

Toxin Rid pills have ingredients that come with detox properties. It can also accelerate the detox process within the given time so that you can pass a pee drug test.


  • The detox pills can work within an hour and has only natural substances, like herbs, minerals, and vitamins.
  • In case it doesn’t work for you, you are going to get a full refund on the confirmation receipt that it didn’t work.
  • Toxin Rid kits are available in various durations, ranging from 1 to 10 days.
  • It can eliminate THC metabolites from the body.


  • The cost is a little on the higher side.
  • Its site doesn’t have information on different areas

Detoxify Mega Clean Review

Detoxify Mega Clean is used for detoxification. It is a well-known detoxification system, which is available in the form of a drink. The kit has probiotics, fiber blends, and antioxidants. It is a blend of fruit extracts and herbs. The detoxification product has been designed to help in cleansing the kidneys and liver. This supplement contains inulin and psyllium husk, which is a natural source of fiber. Fiber is taken once every day and psyllium is taken twice every day.

On Mega Clean, you can see detailed instructions on how to use it. It can draw out toxins from the body permanently and completely. But you need to keep in mind that Mega Clean should be used along with an active and healthy lifestyle. It helps with digestion, cleanses the body, and fights infection. This detox drink helps with the natural cleansing process of the body. Its fiber blend can help to remove the toxins present in the digestive system.


  • The drink is easy to use.
  • Detoxify Mega Clean is available at an affordable price.
  • The product helps with digestion and boosts your energy levels
  • It will not only detoxify but will also boost the immune system


  • It is crucial to drink a lot of water when you use Detoxify Mega Clean
  • The drink might not be tasty enough.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours with Home Remedies?

There are many home remedies to pass a urine drug test. Not all of us like loading our bodies with synthetic detox products. In case you are looking for a more natural way to cleanse your body, you can try out some home remedies.

Natural home remedies might not have an effect within 1-2 hours. But it can flush out weed from the body.

Here are some home remedies that you can try.

Lemon Juice

It is one of the best classic recipes that many weed consumers use for detoxification. Take 8-16 ounces of water in a cup and then ½ lemons into the cup of water. The drink can flush out the toxins from the system and prepare you for a drug test.

Vitamin C has lemons in it. Thus, it has good detoxifying properties and flushes out THC metabolites from the system. For passing the test, lemon juice might not be a magical elixir, but drinking a load of water can dilute your urine, and leave your pee clean.

Here is what you have to do;

  • Squeeze half a lemon into a cup.
  • Add some water to it.
  • Mix it and drink it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cleansing diets are becoming popular with time. Apple Cider Vinegar is a good example of a detox diet. Contaminant elimination, weight loss, and blood sugar control are the top benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

If you are looking for a good alternative to commercial cleaning agents, apple cider vinegar is a good option. It’s because it comes with antibacterial properties.

You can mix one cup of war with a half cup of apple cider vinegar to drink.

Drink Enough Water

If you drink lots of water or juices, you can flush out the toxins from the system. Even though it will not speed up the detoxification process, drinking up to 3 liters of water daily is going to keep you hydrated while you are cleansing toxins from the body.

Exercise Regularly

You should exercise regularly as it can improve your metabolism, burn fat, and speed up detoxification. Toxins get stored in fat cells. So, exercising is a crucial component when it comes to detoxifying. Try out weight training or cardio for getting your heart rate up and burning fat. Exercising can reduce traces of detectable toxins in the body while enabling a smoother transition when you discontinue cannabis usage.

 Maintain a Healthy Diet

Make sure you are avoiding greasy foods while detoxing. Anything high in fat, sodium, and sugar can slow down the process and increase water retention. You should avoid greasy food, fat red meat, and other junk food. Rather, you should stick to a diet full of nutrients, vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Filling up your body with essential minerals and vitamins can improve metabolism and speed up the detox timeframe. Add more spinach, kale, and other greens to your meals. Choose healthy fibers like beans, nuts, and whole wheat-based foods.

Go In Sauna

Apart from exercising, you should try to sweat it out in the sauna. This might not offer magical results, but it can help in increasing toxins in the body. The blood vessels relax and dilate in the dry heat that is provided in a sauna. It will help in increasing and improving blood circulation. This will release toxins from the body. Within the shortest period, you can lose a considerable amount of sweat and improve dehydration. But before you go for the sauna, make sure you drink plenty of water. It will not only rehydrate your body but will also flush out the drugs.

Backup Plan: The Best Synthetic Urine of 2022

If you have smoked weed or cannabis and have a drug test coming up in 24-48 hours, you can use the best synthetic urine of 2022. It is one of the best alternative plans. You need to be extra-prepared for the day of the testing and you don’t know how it is going to turn out.

At times, you might not be able to detox before the text or might have to urgently provide your pee sample for an unannounced drug test. Don’t worry; you can take advantage of a fake urine product. Fake urine is a great option. These are easy to use. It looks and smells like human urine. However, it is only a mix of chemicals. Fake urine is for tricking the test so that they are not able to detect the drug in the sample.

Most of the fake urine has uric acid and urea. These are the primary components present in real urine. Hence, the test will not be able to tell the difference between fake and real pee.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine Review

One of the best fake urinators to use for your drug test is Testclear Powdered Human Urine. It is an effective urine powder, which lets you offer fake urine for passing a pee drug test. If you have your drug test in a few hours and you are not clean enough to get a negative result, you can get this fake urine for the drug test.

Testclear Powdered Human Urine kit has been created to look, feel, and smell like urine. It has chemical compounds, including uric acid, urea, coloring, and creatine to pass as human pee. The kit also has an air-activated heater, transport vial, and temperature strip for keeping the urine portable and warm.

All you have to do is add water to the urine a few minutes before the test. With the help of the heat pads, you can maintain the right temperature of the synthetic urine. So, even if the test gets delayed, you will have nothing to worry about.

Question and Answers

Can Gender Affect the Drug Test?

No, gender cannot have an impact on the preparation or outcome of a drug test. Even though men take longer to detox than women, it is mainly due to the higher average weight among the male population.

How to Detox Drugs Out of Your System When You Are Pregnant?

The procedure to detox drugs out of your system for pregnant women is the same. However, it is not simply about passing the drug test. Toxins in the bloodstream might be harmful to the fetus. Thus, if you have to get rid of them, you have to discuss them with your doctor as some detox practices might be a little dangerous at times.

 Can the Lab Test Detect if I Have Used a Drug Cleansing Pills?

The pills cannot be detected by a lab tester. However, you should not carry the products anywhere close to the testing lab. If you get caught with a container, it can lead to unnecessary issues. The detoxifying pill is one of the fastest possible solutions for a drug test. Furthermore, the ingredients present in the pills make them legal to use.

How Much Urine Is Needed for a Drug Test?

You are going to need at least 30ml for a standard drug test. Stricter guidelines are laid down by federal employers.

How Long Will it Take to Get the Drug Result?

A standard urine test is going to show the result in 1-2 days, in a majority of the cases. Other tests, such as blood tests might take as long as 7 days. So, don’t panic, you are going to receive your answer soon.


Passing a urine drug test might require you to choose one of the methods given above. In case you want to learn how to test clean on a piss test, you can use some home remedies. If you do not want to take chances, you can use detox pills and kits. But make sure that you check the laws of your state regarding drug testing kits and pills. In case you have consumed drugs only a few hours before the test then it is better to opt for a fake urine kit.