Salary Benefits: Internal Medicine Residency Program

Salary/Benefits: Internal Medicine Residency Program

Easton Hospital Internal Medicine House Staff Benefits

Initial Pennsylvania License Fee Stipend:

PGY1 $41,000
PGY2 $42,750
PGY3 $44,500

Educational Stipend: For Approved Educational Conferences
PGY1 $500
PGY2 $500
PGY3 $1,500
Each resident receives a handheld computer (Compaq iPaq).

$400/Year for textbooks, software or other learning resources.

Monthly benefit for meals in the Hosptal Cafeteria at an employee discount rate.

Health Insurance; Dental Plan; Prescription Plan; Malpractice; Long-term Disability.

Lab coats provided and laundered free of charge.

Time Off:
PGY1… 11 Days
PGY2… 16.5 Days
PGY3… 16.5 Days

Plus Holiday Vacation:
2 Days at the Christmas or New Year Holiday

Educational Leave:
5 Days/Year

Personal Leave:
2 Days/Year

Maternity, Spousal and Adoption Leave:
Maternity leave, as covered by Easton Hospital policy on compensation and benefits.
Spousal leave for three days of unpaid absence after six months of employment.
Adoption leave up to four weeks of unpaid absence for a child up to six years of age.

Medical residents’ on-call conforms to the American Board of Internal Medicine’s requirement that no resident has to work more than an 80 hour workweek, averaged over one month.

Modern and attractive housing is available for rent or purchase in multiple surrounding communities. On-call quarters with refrigerator and snacks provided while on duty.

Free Parking